Metaldetector Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK

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  • Model: Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK
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  • Manufactured by: TEKNETICS
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The new detector Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK is logical and Teknetics T2 metaldetector has been developed and designed for professional searching for gold jewelery and coins. Metaldetector Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK is a better ground balance than its predecessor and has the ability to work in highly mineralized soils. Metaldetector Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK - basically a metal detector is the same Teknetics T2, but it is deeper by 25% and the number of new and important additions, namely:
1. New, powerful and fast DSP processor - which makes the detector faster work and minimizes the possibility of missed signals after detection of a large metal object, but also significantly enhances the discrimination of metals;
2. Two new process, working in standby mode discrimination in all metals:
• Boost Process (process intensification) -
This process enhances the depth of detection to 25% on demand for small predmeni metal, which is very important when searching for coins, nuggets, and other metals with small size. This process eliminated the need to purchase additional multi-detector;
• Cache Locating Process (finding process) - This process enhances the depth of detection to 25% on demand for large metal predmeni (is designed to detect large metal objects buried deep);
3. Two DD search coils - size 5 in. (12.7 cm. Circular DD) and 11 "x7" inches (18 cm x 28sm.. Elliptical DD). Standard 11 "x7" inch DD coil is designed for general search and a small 5 inch DD coil allows you to search in highly contaminated areas (due to its small size probe is able to detect and dikriminira metals located a short distance from each other ).
All these innovations in detector Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK him close in quality and accuracy to the world famous metaldetector Fisher F75 Limited Edition BLACK.

Metaldetector Teknetics T2 LTD BLACK has the following characteristics:
- 11 "x7" DD (28sm. x 18 cm.) - DD waterproof elliptical search coil.
- 5 "DD (12,7 cm) - round waterproof DD search coil.
- LCD display
- Operating frequency: 13 kHz.
- Working Principle: VLF.
- Mode: the detector can be operated in two modes - All Metal mode and mode Discrim.
- Pin Point (just hit "centering" of the object) -
used to precisely locate the location of the detected metal.
- Automatic Ground Balance (FASTGRAB) - touch the trigger detector primed to land (automatic ground balance can be made at any time when needed, in whatever mode is enabled handset).
- Manual Ground Balance (Manual GC) - allows for more precise and fine coating of the detector.
- Great Range Ground Balance - the detector can be primed at different soil mineralizatsiata - ferrite to salt, inclusive.
- Trigger (Trigger Handle the box of two functions) - back: "Pin Point" / forward: "FASTGRAB"
- Sensitivity (sensitivity adjustment) - 100 degrees (you can adjust the sensitivity of individual detector in the All Metal mode and mode Discrim).
- Hum Level (audio threshold) - control zvukoviat threshold detector.
- An indicator of the degree of mineralization (Fe3O4) - displays the contents of iron oxides in the soil.
- Depth indicator - shows the depth of the detected metal in inches.
- LED battery status - displays the status of the battery at the moment.
- Indicator TARGET I.D. - Any signal detected metal affects the display with a specific two-digit number that allows you to always recognize the detected metal, no matter what mode you are.
- Double filter discrimination.
- Precise control of discrimination and rejection of unwanted metals (Disc. Level).
- Auditory Discrimination (Of Tones) -
Choice between 8 tone metal identification mode discrimination.
- Save your custom settings in the device even after dismissal.
- Very good level of rejection of electrical interference from the environment.
- Backlight.
- Power - with batteries 4pcs. x 1,5 V (alkaline recommended).
- Time of continuous operation with alkaline batteries - up to 40 hours.
- Headphone.
- Weight - 1.6 kg. batteries.
- Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +50 oC.
- Humidity: 0 to 90 percent without direct condensation.
- Adjustable armrest.
- Manual - Bulgarian and English.
- Made in the USA.
- 5 year warranty.



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