Metal detector Garrett AT Pro

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  • Model: Garrett AT Pro
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: GARRETT
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Metal detector Garrett AT Pro ™ is not just a new model, but a new type of detector. This metal detector you can search for ferrous metals (including gold) in water (up to 3 meters under water) and land (at a depth of 100 cm.) The high frequency of operation of the detector (15 kHz) allows him to detect small metal objects as small pieces and gold nuggets. The device is equipped with specially developed by the Garrett double DD search coil sizes 22h28 cm, which makes the detector resistant to work in difficult soils (soils with high mineralization, as well as clay and salty soils). Metal Garrett AT Pro ™ with improved parameters, and is specifically designed to work in difficult soils and conditions. In AT Pro has adopted extreme technology Garrett, setting ID (numeric value of each detected metal from 0 to 99) of the detected objects and patented features for discrimination. The two scales of the display lets you see both the setting of discrimination (lower scale) and the type of bevelled metal (top scale). In addition, a digital identification form and a bevelled metal (two-digit number in the middle of the display target ID), which gives the most accurate iformatsiya the type of bevelled metal. Characteristic of metal detector Garrett AT Pro ™ is that regardless of what sound mode is set, you always display information about the type of bevelled metal. In the model AT Pro, Garrett pioneered the use of technology for detailed discrimination of iron (40 segments), which allows you to separate the interesting iron from iron trash. You can also join if you want to feature in addition to all this, AT Pro can be used in two modes - standard (STD) and professional (PRO) mode.
Key Features of Garrett AT Pro ™
• Pro Audio Mode ™: Proportional Audio ton function that allow the seeker to hear a different tone and sound effect depending on how deep of a metal.
• High-Res Iron Discrimination ™: Use this function to set the fine diskriminaziya of iron (from 0 to 40 levels) to separate the interesting iron from iron trash.
• Digital Target ID: 0 to 99 scale Target ID offers an improved ability to distinguish conductivity of a goal, on the other.
• Iron Audio ™: Allows the searcher to hear different tones and shades of the discriminated iron.
• Fast Recovery Speed: Fast recovery of signal overload, allowing the detector to detect metals in polluted areas.
• All Terrain Versatility: Waterproof control panel designed to work in dusty, humid or wet environment, metal detector can be immersed in Wody to 3 meters depth.
• 15 kHz frequency: The frequency of operation of the detector, which makes it better at detecting small metal objects, gold nuggets and jewelry.
• Ground Balance: Automatic and manual ground balance adjustment for better performance of the detector and to achieve greater depths.
• Graphic Target Analyzer ™ (GTA): identifies the conductivity of bevelled metal.
• Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: An indicator of the depth of detected coins showing continuous depth.
• Battery Condition Indicator: Indicator for battery status, which shows a continuous level of current in the battery.
• Search Modes: Search Modes - 6 numbers + e Pinpoynting
      • You can choose between: Custom, Zero or Coins in Standard Mode or Professional Mode mode.
      • Pinpoint

  Target ID for the type of metal 12 (segment)
  Discrimination of iron 40 (segment)
  Modes 6 (3 in Standard Mode and 3 in Pro mode)
  Sensitivity 8 (segment)
  Pinpointing TO
  Frequency of 15 kHz
  Auditory discrimination third volume
  Search coil 22 x 28 cm DD PROformance
  Length 1.06 m - 1.29 m (42 "to 51")
  Weight 1.4 kg. (3.03 lbs.)
  Batteries 4 AA (included)
  Warranty 2 years, Limited Parts / Labor



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