Metaldetector Fisher Gold Bug PRO MEGA

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  • Model: Fisher Gold Bug PRO MEGA
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  • Manufactured by: FISHER LABS
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Metaldetector Fisher Gold Bug PRO MEGA, it is well known to all detector Fisher Gold Bug PRO (with base tube 5" (12.7cm.) DD waterproof search coil), but in addition to 38сm. x 30сm. DD S.E.F. search coil. Additional 38сm. x 30сm. DD S.E.F. increasing depth search coil of the metaldetector, about 30%, while maintaining discrimination and speed of work.

Fisher Gold Bug PRO MEGA metaldetector has the following characteristics:
- 5" (12.7cm.) - DD waterproof search coil
: a detector supplied with this probe makes it very accurate in determining the type of metal detecting.
- 15"x12" (38сm. x 30сm.) DD S.E.F. waterproof search coil.
- LCD display:
the display is large enough to be able to see all the features and simultaneous readings at any time.
- Operating frequency: 19 kHz. - The frequency of operation allows it to open with the same ease as many small and larger metal objects. Extremely suitable for detecting small nuggets nugget.
- Working Principle: VLF.
- V.C.O. sound modes All metals (All Metal) and discrimination (DISC)
- Modes: The detector has three modes of operation:
1. Discrimination (DISC) -
This mode is used to ignore signals from unnecessary metal objects in the ground. This mode is enabled when running the detector default and is normally used for continuous search for certain groups of metals (ie, select from the menu which groups respond metal detector). For it to detect and identify moving metal must search head. The identification of the detected metal in mode discrimination is in three ways: through sound, sight and ID indicator.
2. All metals (All Metal) - This mode is used to search for all metals (ie you can not choose from a menu which groups respond metal detector) and is deeper than mode discrimination. For it to detect and identify moving metal must search head. The identification of the detected metal in Mode All Metal, going one way - only visually. Beep on detection of various metals is the same.
3. Precise localization (PinPoint) - This mode is used to locate the exact location of the detected metal. In this mode, to detect metal need not move searching coil (ie, until a metal in the search probe - device will beep). Pin Point mode can switch at any time to work whether you're working or in standby mode DISCRIMINATE ALL METALS. The identification of the detected metal in this mode is impossible.
- Ground Balance - GG (Automatic and Manual Ground Balance) - to ignore signals from minerals contained in the land feature detector is designed for manual and automatic removal of such signals.
- THRESHOLD (audio threshold) - adjust the audio threshold detector.
- Sensitivity (GAIN) - when you turn the sensitivity of the detector is set at 70% of maximum. With the span to achieve maximum working depth and prevent false alarms caused by electromagnetic interference.
- The level of discrimination (DISC) - is used to increase or decrease the level of discrimination.
- Identification of metal detecting - The ability of the detector to determine the exact nature of the detected metal is directly related to the size of the metal and its distance from the search coil. At a distance of 20 cm above the metal of the search coil, precision type found metal decreases. Identification is in three ways:
1. by SOUND - (two different sounds for different types of metals, depending on the setting of the level of discrimination (DISC).
2. Visual - found metal identify visually display the detector by illuminating the sector of digital scale metals.
3. TARGET ID - accurate visual identification by two digit indicator (ID metal from 0 to 99), located in the middle of the display, which gives a precise figure for the detection of a metal (available only in DISCRIMINATION mode). Keep in mind that the size and shape of the metal vliayat the readings of the meter ID.
- An indicator of the depth of the detected metal. Depth indicator is located in the middle of the screen and works only in mode localization Right (PinPoint). The depth is measured in inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm). Depth indicator gives correct readings metal objects the size and shape of a coin. Fisher Gold Bug PRO metal detector detects metal the size of a coin such as a quarter, a depth of about 30 cm from the search head. Higher metals can be found at a depth of 1 meter. The ability of a metal detecting metal detector is directly related to the size of the metal. The larger is the size of the metal, the deeper it will detect metal detector .. At a distance of 20 cm above the metal precision of the depth of the detected metal decreases.
- Indicator Fe3O4, which is located on the left side of the display and is used to measure and display the level of magnetism (magnetic mineralization of soil).
- Power - Battery 1pc. 9V (included not included) - the duration of operation of the metal detector with 1 pc. 9V alkaline battery is 20 to 25 hours. The battery condition is monitored continuously by trisegmentov indicator at the bottom right of the display.
- Headphone - If you want to use headphones during the search, the detector is equipped with two headphone outputs 1/8 and 1/4 inches (located on the left side of the control box). When you connect headphones, the signal from the instrument will be heard only in the headphones. Do not use headphones more than 3 m cable.
- Weight - 1.5 kg. Battery.
- Operating temperature: -20°C to +50oC.
- Humidity: 0 to 90 percent without direct condensation.
- Adjustable armrest.
- Manual - English.
- Made in the USA.
- 5 year warranty.



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